Pioneer Memberships

On fight nights, PGBC sanctioned fights award bare-knuckle victors with a serialized PGB Knuckle Head medallion in the center-ring.  Each victor and his/her medallion number is then logged into a historic registry displayed at the Police Gazette headquarters in Belfast, NY.  

These medallions are unique to the sport of bare-knuckle and are the PGBC's signature award.  We offer the opportunity to own your own knuckle head through our membership program.  Fight fans around the world can help support the sport by becoming Pioneer members at either the Immortal or Legacy levels.  


Own a medallion otherwise reserved for fight victors by becoming a  Pioneer Immortal member.   Immortal's serialized medallion numbers are listed in the same historic registry as PGBC sanctioned bare-knuckle victors.  As the sport of bare-knuckle moves forward, our quest is to ensure all  those who contribute are recorded in history -- because we know "History is Forever."

Pioneer Immortal membership also comes with a CERTIFICATE of AUTHENTICITY signed by Scott Burt and Joe Curcio.  This SERIALIZED medallion comes with a "Knuckle Town U.S.A." ribbon.

$2,000.00 - diamond encrusted medallion #1 (sold)

$1,000.00 - medallions #2 - #10 (limited availability)

$500.00 - medallions #11 - up (as available)



Own a Police Gazette Boxing Championship Challenge Coin to show your support at the Pioneer Legacy level. At approximately 2" diameter, this coin is a smaller version of the medallion on one side and has a Police Gazette Boxing Corporation fist on the other.


Pioneer Legacy membership also comes with a CERTIFICATE of AUTHENTICITY. 



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People who invest in this commemorative medallion are not only investing in maintaining the sport, but are also helping the Police Gazette Boxing Corporation's affiliated entities protect both the history and the future of bare-knuckle boxing.


ORDER YOURS NOW and thank you for supporting this legendary sport.