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EST. 8/24/2018.  The Police Gazette Boxing Corporation is the successor to the bare knuckle boxing sanctioning organization founded in 1881 doing business as “National Police Gazette,” “Police Gazette,” or “Richard K. Fox.” The organization suspended its bare knuckle sanctioning activities over 125 years ago until recently re-starting as a legalized endeavor.  The current iteration of this sanctioning organization is dedicated to implementing safety measures for the protection of all boxers.  


Scott Burt, President

Joseph P. Curcio, Director of Business Development

Steve Westlake, National Police Gazette Publisher


The PGB Championship Belt is secure under lock and key in its vintage safe, inside the massive and ornate 1903 walk-in vault in Police Gazette Boxing Corporation's headquarters in "Knuckle Town U.S.A." (Belfast, NY).

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